Friday, 21 February 2014

Baking in my PJ's: Honey & Walnut Loaf

So, last time I promised we would talk about cake, and not being one to dissapoint... here I am in all my cakey glory! 
Fresh off the eurostar from Paris I have had the baking bug ever since I stepped back on British soil. I'm not sure if it's the shed load of chouquette I brought back in my suitcase as a Valentine's pressie for the Mr, or just the sheer selection if delectable baked goods on offer across the channel but, from the moment I got home my house has almost constantly been filled with the smell of warm butter and sugar. Can't complain, eh? 

Half of this baking has been for the purpose of my 5th birthday party this coming Sunday. (Yes, you read that right, I'm turning 5, not 25 but, more about that another time.) ...the other half has been out of sheer indulgence, plus a few whinges from the Mr complaining he had nothing to go with his cup of tea. 

So in true Hannah's Homespun stylee, straight in the door from my slimming group (I kid you not) I donned my pj's and set to work on a Honey and Walnut loaf courtesy of The Hummingbird Bakery: Cake Days book. And, PHWOAR was it good?!

And the best part about baking at bedtime is of course being able to demolish the fruits of my labour at approximately 11am with a mug of tea. Delish!