Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wedding Diary: Save the Date!

I wasn't too sure whether or not I should start posting things about my wedding. A couple of close friends who've got married recently, kept all the details of their big day so close to their chest. Yet since we first got engaged, and I got the scrap-booking bug, I have been babbling on about themes, and decoration, and details like you wouldn't believe.

I started off writing this post, getting all ranty about the wedding industry, and moaning about friends at war with each other who've booked the same venue within weeks of each other, and now feel the need to compete with every little detail. But, I think that should be saved for another post. Maybe when I'm 2 weeks away from the 'big day' and the poop has hit the fan. Sounds like a good idea.

So instead, here's a little documentation of the lovely evening myself and the Mr spent, assembling our 'Save the Date' cards and watching Breaking Bad (Don't spoil it, we're only on Season 2).
If there's one thing that's stuck in my head from all the wedding blogs I've been reading, it that's you shouldn't sweat the small stuff, and just enjoy it. So that's exactly what we intend to do. Spend chilled out evenings together, doing little jobs in preparation and savouring every last second of it.

We wanted to keep our Save the Date's simple, and to the point. Something that would hint at the theme of our wedding but, without giving too much away. (This was also in-case I changed my mind about our overall theme. I had a habit of doing that early on in our engagement. Oops.)

The photo on our postcards was taken by my sister, as he was actually proposing (and putting the ring on my finger!). We have photo's documenting the whole proposal but, I felt that this one was just right, without sharing the very intimate moment of him actually down on one knee.
I played around with editing it in Photoshop, and then uploaded the image to Vistaprint to add the text.
Tip Off: The font we used, is called Coquette, and it is the same font used in The Little Paris Kitchen cookbook. (Rachel Khoo nerd!)

We had the stamp custom made from a designer on Etsy, who carved the rubber stamp on it's own. To save money, I bought a stamp block and double sided sticky pads on eBay and assembled the stamp myself. We ended up saving about half the price of a fully custom made rubber stamp.

The envelopes, were also purchased on eBay, as was the inkpad. The washi tape was purchased from Paperchase, although I later realised I could have got completely identical tape at half the price, also from eBay.

We started off by stamping all the envelopes, and leaving them to dry before taking it in turns to stick washi tape on the envelopes, then stuff and seal them. (We did half each because the Mr was complaining his mouth was getting dry from licking all those envelopes.)
And then I wrote all the names and addresses on them, because apparently my handwriting is neater than his.
Hey Presto!

I know the assembling of the invitations will probably be a lot more difficult than this, and more time consuming to say the least. But, it was certainly a nice little task to wean us into the whole DIYing aspect of our wedding preparations, and I'd urge any bride-to-be to try it out, even if it's just an evening of just her, and the Mr and some serious gluing action.  

Monday, 21 October 2013

An Autumn Walk

There's something about taking a brisk walk on a windy Autumn day, that definitely blows the cobwebs away.
Despite living in the city. I am lucky to be surrounded by some of the prettiest parks, Cardiff has to offer. My favourite, and closest being Thompsons Park. Something about this place just screams nostalgia to me. Wrought iron gates, and red brick columns frame the entrance way to flower beds (albeit looking quite sad at this time of year), and a duck pond scattered with shiny feathered Mallards, and a small brick kiosk which sells ice-creams in the summer.
Various paths lead off in a warren of trails which climb up into a huge field, outlined with Pine and Oak trees. This place is my haven.

On this particular day, I was in search of pine cones and conkers. Cones to decorate my chunky slate hearth, and conkers to apparently keep the spiders away. A downside to living in such an old draughty building.  

Although the conker hunt, wasn't so successful, I did come away with a bag full of pine cones. Not only as a result of the aid of an elderly lady with a boisterous border collie (who you can just make out coming bounding towards me in the photo above). She told me all the best spots in the park for pine cones, where people don't exercise their dogs, thankfully. And even gave me a little tip off for another nearby park which is abundant with Horse Chestnuts at this time of year.
Needless to say, if the rain holds off tomorrow, I shall be venturing there in my boots and duffle coat ready for an Autumn forage.

 Who cares if I look a bit crazy, with my carrier bag sticking out of my pocket. I may get funny looks from the locals, thinking “Why is that little girl (FYI, I'm nearly 25!) trudging about staring at the floor?” An hour or so of fresh air, surrounded by green, soothes my soul more than any soppy movie or bar of chocolate ever could. Ok, maybe not the chocolate but, you know what I'm getting at.